Venite a rilassarvi e a degustare i nostri vini avvolti nella moderna confortevole atmosfera della nostra ampia e luminosa wine boutique. Elena and Claudio Farina amano condividere le loro scelte in termini di prodotti locali gourmet ed eccellenze artigianali che vanno ad esaltare la qualità dell’esperienza degustativa dei vini. Vi aspettiamo anche solo per conoscere le nostre selezioni, ma vi preghiamo di prenotarvi in caso di visite, degustazioni guidate e light lunch.

The wine boutique - it's more than a shop. It is a comfortable and stylish environment that we have created to make you feel at ease while selecting and tasting our wines. We have chosen wood, glass and steel, materials that represent the traditional art of making wine in Valpolicella and our philosophy based on transparency and well-being. The boutique reflects the refined taste of the Farina family, which offers artisan gourmet products from the area as an excellent accompaniment to their wines.Farina's guided tours start from the wine boutique but the most exclusive moment is at the end of the tour itself, when you will have the pleasure of enjoying a guided tasting of our most representative wines.

We serve artisan cold cuts and alpine cheeses from local producers. Each product is a delightful rarity and finds its exaltation in the wine offered as an accompaniment.Come and try the selection of all the other gourmet products to fully enjoy the tasting of our wines even at home.

Opening Hours

The wine boutique is open from Monday to the Saturday with times: 9:30- 12:30, 14:00- 18:30. Reservations are required for guided tours and tastings, available in English, German and Italian.


Each wine-food pairing proposed in our tastings is a declaration of love for our land, Valpolicella. Come and meet the producers we have selected and discover the unique quality of their excellence.