Farina has always made its family identity a unique and special distinctive feature, declined in all its activities of business management and safeguard of the territory. Love, sharing, solidarity, union and respect are the key values that animate Farina's direct involvement in all those projects designed to promote their own land and community. The passion for sport has us involved in activities related to football, cycling, skiing, running, golfing and tamburello. We love to be involved in events aimed at sports and recreational entertainment, but also anumated by a spirit of solidarity and support for medical and experimental research. Wine is art, culture, emotion. Here we are then supporting many intellectual and artistic events, such as theatrical performances or literary promotion meetings, to safeguard all forms of passion and aggregation.

Pedemonte sports club

Dravet Italia Onlus

Avesani Luca Granfondo

ATD Negarine

Valpolicella Marathon


Scaliger Ski Club

The flavors of solidarity

Good wine makes good theatre