When "making wine" becomes a distinctive trait of your identity, almost a piece of DNA that is handed down from generation to generation, driven by passion and commitment, experience, curiosity and research lead you to excellence. The "Remo Farina" line represents the flagships of the company, in its DOCG and IGT proposals, maximum expression of quality and uniqueness, according to its own interpretation.

Amarone della Valpolicella

Classico DOCG

Year 1995: when is the "case" to put a hand in it. Thus was born the cru par excellence of the Farina company. For the first time in fact the grapes from the vineyard with the same name are pressed and vinified alone in separate vats and the result is surprising. The Amarone Riserva Montefante is a harmonious sensorial encounter between style and texture, great flesh but also elegant tannic texture, which enhance its softness and drinkability. An intriguing bouquet of precious flowers, a blue hyacinth that envelops and inebriates blackberries and raspberries. Captivating spicy aromas. Fabulously soft its taste, contained in bitterness and with some hint of balsamic, gives the palate an experience of great persuasiveness.

Valpolicella Ripasso

Classico Superiore DOC

The grapes of the Montecorna vineyard, the fortunate encounter of ideal climatic and territorial conditions contribute to the unique peculiarities of this cru. The traditional "ripasso" technique, thanks to a second fermentation of the Valpolicella activated by the contact with the pomace of Recioto or Amarone, gives life to a wine of great personality. Refined and elegant, it offers complete sensations, warm as an embrace, penetrating but harmonious. The balance between the strong fruit and the spicy note presents us with a Valpolicella that is more intense, more alive, more full and enveloping.

Corte Conti Cavalli

Rosso Veronese IGT

In a glass of Rosso Veronese the whole history and nobility of the sixteenth-century patronal house , the heart and soul of the Farina family. The IGT "Corte Conti Cavalli" was born as a celebratory tribute to one of the historic Veronese families, in vogue in the fourteenth century, at the Court of the Scaligeri, owner of the ancient estate. A wine with personality and structure, it comes from a slight drying of Corvina, with subsequent addition of Merlot, to give it softness and harmonious notes. Floral and fresh fruit fragrances inebriate the nose, the taste is soft and round, with tannins that blend with the texture of the wine and spicy finish.