Farina Family, “trasparent” by natur

We were born in a family in which winemaking was a sort of inevitable legacy. However, before making this choice we wanted to experience other professional paths, sure that making wine is more than a job and to do it, it is necessary to be convinced to the very end. And when we chose to dedicate ourselves to this amazing world, we did it with absolute conviction, passion and love. Yes, love, because without strong feelings you can’t go a long way in the wine industry. Love in winemaking but also love in creating the right, true relationships, within the market. Love, that for us translates into transparency. Transparency in telling exactly what we do in the vineyard and in the winery, but also transparency in always being ourselves, convinced that the most important thing is to be trustworthy and, using a word that may appear obsolete now, honest. Claudio, Elena and Alessandro Farina.

The vineyards were our wines are born

Our wines are the result of 45 hectares of selected vineyards of Valpolicella Classica. Ten of which we own and 35 belonging to historic, trusted contributors, whom we’ve always considered our absolute “accomplices” in the production of our wines. We are dedicated with respect and spasmodic attention to our vineyards, because we believe that the attention to details allows a higher quality and the exploitation of a wonderful grape which is the Corvina. We have two historic vineyards, real crus of Valpolicella: the vineyard Montefante (300m a.s.l.), with its tuffaceous, clayey and calcareous soil and the excellent hilly exposure, it is an ideal habitat for the Corvina destined to our reserve Amarone Montefante; the other cru is the vineyard Montecorna , located on Mount Masua, characterized by an extraordinary calcareous soil, ideal for the production of the grapes dedicated to our Valpolicella Ripasso Montecorna.

State of the art vinification and bottling

Aiming at the creation of noble wines that emphasize the grape and terroir, also means relying on the best technologies and cutting-edge research tools, both in winemaking as in bottling. Maximum speed, supported by an advanced bottling line and fed by a photovoltaic system, hygiene and safety are guaranteed in the path that accompanies our wine up to the bottle, to obtain healthier and longer- lived products, in the right balance between respect for tradition and courage in innovation.

The cellar, where we exalt what the vineyard gives us

The quality of the wine is made in the vineyard, but it is also true that today the investment in cellar technology becomes critical to enhance the effort made in the vineyard. The grapes harvested and selected in crates is put to wither in traditional fruttai, with temperature and humidity monitored onstantly. Barrels in Slavonian Oak and barriques in French and American oak cradle the maturation of our wines in their slow refinement. We rely on a wise use of technology and wood, trying to combine innovation with naturalness and quality.