Historic Farina

We are born and live in Valpolicella, a land of deep-rooted and excellent wine making tradition. Here is Farina’s century-long expertise unique interpretation of its terroir and its more representative wines. 

Remo Farina Line

Farina’s crus. Passion, experience and commitment come together to give life to their most sublime proposals in terms of Amarone, Ripasso and IGT. 

the Classics

Farina is classicism. It is the desire to tell, through its wines, different territories, each with its own flavors, its own facets and originality. 

Nodo d'Amore

"Nodo d'Amore" embodies, in its white and red expression, Farina’s respect and devotion to its own historicity and its innovative and progressive soul. 


Respect for the waiting, the rediscovery of the "value of time" and originality in the winemaking techniques used as key to success of the “Appassilento Project”, in the two versions white and red.