Grappa di Amarone

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It comes from the marc of the king of Valpolicella wines, the Amarone. A precious distilled with an intense, enveloping and soft aroma and a full, fruity, flavour which reminds of the original grape. This classic meditation grappa is also excellent chilled after a meal or mixed with coffee.


icona-vitigniGRAPE VARIETIES

50% Corvina, 20% Corvinone, 20% Rondinella, 10% Molinara, Oseleta e Turchetta

icon_provenienzaVINEYARDS LOCATION

San Pietro in Cariano


The fermented and selected marc, after racking and a light pressing, are taken to the distillery still soaked with must and processed immediately. A full-bodied and fragrant grappa is guaranteed, with a higher alcohol content, suitable for a long ageing in barrique. The distillation takes places around February with discontinuous steam and low-pressure system.


42% vol.

icon_noteSIZE (L)



Blond yellow color coming from the barrique ageing. Deep, concentrated aroma of dried fruits, while in the mouth the taste is harmoniously robust and warm.


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