Bardolino DOC

Product specifications

The red grapes of this wine come from the vineyards located on the Moreniche Hills, East of Lake Garda. Refined, fragrant, fruity and easy to drink, it has a good structure and a lively personality.


icona-vitigniGRAPE VARIETIES

62% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, 8% Rossara

icon_provenienzaVINEYARDS LOCATION

The hills from the Adige river to the Lake Garda


100% stainless steel, following refinement in the bottle


12% vol.

icon_noteSIZE (L)



Bright ruby red color. Wild rose and violet at first then fruity of plum, currant and raspberry. It’s sapid, dry, light and smooth.


Suitable for various main courses, white meat or fish. Excellent with a pizza, a sandwich or a fast meal.


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