“Appassilento” Bianco Veneto IGT

Product specifications

Experimenting has always been a prerogative of our company. After a long search we found the blend we wanted, with strong personality and superb elegance, fruit of the union of some special white grape varieties, each with their own single characteristics. The vinification and processing operations are very long and complex. For this new product we therefore chose the name “Appassilento”, indicating the long processing conducted “at a slow pace”. The result is a series of unique scents of perfumes, color, softness and pleasantness in the mouth. We wanted it to be as it is and this way it gives us emotions.


icona-vitigniGRAPE VARIETIES

White grape variety typical from Veneto

icon_provenienzaVINEYARDS LOCATION

All over Veneto

icon_noteSIZE (Lt)



Straw yellow with golden hues. Fresh and intense scent, reminiscent of jasmine and citrus notes, with a bouquet of exotic fruits such as mango, pineapple and banana notes. On the palate is soft, round and harmonious.


Well paired with appetizers, fish or white meat based main courses. Excellent as aperitif.


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