On Sunday 19th of November we will present the new Panettone realized by Faber Dulcis with our Amarone wine drops

Christmas time is coming and this year our purpose is to amaze you. We are happy to announce that we have contributed in the creation of a new Christmas dessert: the typical Italian Panettone with jelly drops of Amarone, made by the patisserie Faber Dulcis.

On Sunday 19th of November, from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm, at Faber Dulcis (Sona, Via Veneto, 13) will be an event to launch this new artisanal product, in collaboration with Sara Bisinella and Massimiliano Padoan, patisserie’s owners.

At the event we’ll tell you how our panettone was born and you can taste its amazing filling, in a warm and convivial atmosphere.

We devote ourself to a maximum quality and innovation research and we take passion in what we do. Thanks to our passion, we try every day to reinvent ourself and offer to you unique products.

Pairing wine and gastronomy its our mission since a lot of years, and now we have done it as well.

Our intent is to amaze with a unique product, absent in the marketplace by now, hoping it will become one day a traditional italian product.

This product is unique in his genre thanks to its filling, rich in flavours. Obviously, our panettone is made with excellent raw materials, no chimicals aromas or semi-finished products. His sourdough rise for 40 hours and give it his soft consistency; furthermore the pairing with Amarone pearls, raisins and nuts, give it a particular colour and enhaces its delicate flavour.

Taste with us this delicious sweetness!


Posted on 17 November 2017 in news & prices

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